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The best church leader is a team. At Waters Of Hope Int'l Ministries, we’re blessed with an outstanding group of dedicated believers and religious leaders who conduct services, run events and keep our community on a clear spiritual path.

Leadership: Leadership
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  Passionate is an appropriate word to describe Apostle Jason. He is especially passionate when it comes to the integrity of the Word of God and seeing Gods people fulfill their destiny and the calling of God in their lives. He believes that the Lord still watches over His Word to perform it? (Jeremiah 1:12) and that the gifts and callings of God are without repentance? (Romans 11:29). He is a publish author of two books The Gift ( Winner of the HENRI Award) and God's Ambassdor. 

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Barbara has a passion to see the world come to know Christ in a very personal relationship. She inspires people to know him through the Word of God and an intimacy that is available in Holy Spirit.
Barbara is an ordained minister but has been ministering since she was 9 years old going door to door with her pastor telling others about Jesus.  She and her husband Jason founded Waters of Hope Int'l Ministries in Hammond, LA.  She teaches classes and mentors people to flow in their God-given talents and gifting by God.  She wants to see you grow in your purpose and destiny.
Barbara shares a daily broadcast of Facebook live Cups of Hope.  Where she teaches and brings the Word alive as devotion.  She also is a talented singer and has been on television and other programs inspiring others in word and song.
Barbara also handles all the social media/internet for the ministry.  Her motto:. There is nothing you can't do if you put your mind to it

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Worship Pastor

Our daughter Kathryn Mitchell is our Worship Pastor/Co-Pastor here at Waters of Hope Int'l Ministries.  She is a prophet to the nations.  She teaches the Word of God uncompromisingly.  She is a missionary called to the nation of Cuba.  She held a healing crusade and meetings in Cuba in 2015 and in 2019 looking forward  to returning again. 
She is a conference speaker, psalmist, prophet, and she has completed her studies at Tulane University with a Bachelor Degree in General Studies of Law and Kinesiology.  
"Stand strong. Stand firm.  Tell the enemy to get to stepping! Cause there is nothing God can't do!"

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